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A Strategic Partner of Cushman & Wakefield

OPTIMAL SITE, LLC (DWH), a strategic partner of Cushman & Wakefield, appreciates the opportunity to share our capabilities as a trusted partner in providing Development Consulting & Sustainability Services.

DWH provides Fee Master Development services and Pre-Development Process Management to ensure that our clients achieve the greatest return on their valuable real estate assets while minimizing risk. DWH approaches assignments from both the investor & the user perspectives so no money is left on the table.

Development Consulting


DWH provides clients access to commercially viable green technologies. Whether it's solar power at no capital cost to a building owner, relamping that has 18 month payback periods or a web-based energy management system that begins saving the client money upon installation, DWH is there. DWH offers solutions to reduce energy use that don't forget the most important "green" – the bottom line.